HC Deb 30 July 1897 vol 51 cc1601-2

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether the tramcar which killed Miss O'Donnell recently in Dublin was fitted according to the regulations laid down by his Department, that all tramcars shall be fitted with a suitable fender which will act efficiently as a life protector; and if so, how did her death take place by being run over; whether he has received complaints as to the bad manner in which the rails are joined on this line, and demanding a sworn Inquiry; and, whether he can state if he will order a sworn Inquiry into the death of Miss O'Donnell, so as to prevent loss of life in future on this line?


Yes, Sir, the car was fitted with a suitable fender. These fenders greatly minimise the risk of injury, but as there must necessarily be some space between the fender and the ground, it is, unfortunately, not impossible that an accident may occur. I must remind the hon. Member that a Coroner's inquest has already been held into the causes of this fatality. I have no power to order a sworn Inquiry. No complaints have been received as to the bad manner in which the rails are joined to the line.