HC Deb 22 July 1897 vol 51 cc729-30
MR. J. L. WANKLYN (Bradford, Central)

asked the Under Secretary of State for War a Question of which he had given private notice—whether, in view of the facts which had recently come to light as to the losses sustained by the officers and men in the wreck of the Warren Hastings, the right hon. Gentleman was in a position now to give further compensation to the officers and men.


The Secretary of State has now received fuller reports as to the losses on the Warren Hastings, and, in view of the fact that nearly all the officers have had to completely re-equip themselves and that the men are alleged to have been put to some expense before their losses could be made good, it has been decided to issue to every officer the full amount laid down by the regulations for compensation (on the assumption that he will have to replace the whole of his equipment) as well as £30 in respect of clothing for which no allowance is made by regulations. The men have already received new clothing and a new kit, and 10s. in money, which, in view of the circumstances named above, will be increased by £1 for each non-commissioned officer and private soldier. The exact extent of the losses by the band, mess, and institute require further investigation, and Lord Lansdowne will consider whether any further grant is necessary in these cases. I may mention that the compensation already authorised amounts in all, including the cost of re-clothing the men, to £12,134, and the additional amount which will now become payable amounts to £2,348.