HC Deb 22 July 1897 vol 51 cc731-2

said he desired to draw Mr. Speaker's attention to what he thought was an omission from the record of the proceedings in the House yesterday which was sent to Members to-day. It would be in the recollection of the House that after the Second Reading of the Military Manœuvres Bill, the Bill was referred to the Grand Committee on Law. The Committee of Selection were enabled to add, if they so chose, some 15 Members to the ordinary Grand Committee on Law, and the Select Committee met yesterday and did add certain Members. He had always understood that it was in accordance with the Rules of the House that the names of the Members so added should appear on the records of the House, but in the present instance that had not been done.


I understand that there was no time for the names to have appeared on the Votes and Proceedings to-day, but they will appear to-morrow.

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