HC Deb 22 July 1897 vol 51 c799

Any matter or thing removed by the local authority in pursuance of this Act may be sold by public roup, after not less than five days notice by printed handbills posted in the locality, except in cases where delay would be prejudical to health, or in which the matter or thing is not of the value of two pounds or upwards, in which case the sheriff, magistrate, or justice may, by writing under his hand, order the immediate removal, sale, or destruction of the thing, and the proceeds of the sale shall be retained by the local authority, and applied pro tanto in payment of all expenses incurred under this Act with reference to such nuisance; and the surplus, if any, shall be paid, on demand, by the local authority, to the owner of such matter or thing; and the balance of such expenses shall be defrayed, if such proceeds are insufficient for that purpose, by the author of the nuisance or the owner of the premises.

Amendments made: Leave out "case" and insert "cases."—(Lord Advocate.)

After "destruction of the" insert "matter or."—(Mr. Caldwell.)

Clause 28,—