HC Deb 19 July 1897 vol 51 c405

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if his attention has been directed to the proceedings of the Magistrates at Newcastle West Petty Sessions on 25th June last, in reappointing the Clerk of Petty Sessions as Inspector of Explosives, under the Explosives Act, for six months at a salary of £50, his remuneration prior to resigning being £5 per year, although the duties of an inspector are discharged by the constabulary gratuitously; whether the appointment of a Clerk of Petty Sessions as Inspector of Explosives, under The Explosives Act, 1875, is in accordance with the Order issued by the Lords Justices, bearing date 29th July 1891; and will the proceedings of the Magistrates be annulled, and instructions given to Major Rolleston, R.M., that they had no power to make such an appointment involving an expenditure out of the Poor Rates?


My attention has been drawn to a report of the proceedings of the Magistrates on the occasion referred to. Mr. Dawson having, on the 25th June, resigned the position of local Inspector under the Explosives Act, it is not competent for him to accept re-election to that office without the approval of Government, as pointed out in the Order of 29th July, 1891. It has been the policy of Government, since that date, to refuse to sanction, in every case, the employment of a Petty Sessions Clerk to act as Inspector for the purposes of the Explosives Act, and no exception to the invariable rule will be made in the present instance. The Magistrates will accordingly be informed that Mr. Dawson will not be permitted to continue to act in the capacity referred to. Henceforth the duties of Inspectors under the Act in this district will be performed by the Constabulary gratuitously.