HC Deb 05 July 1897 vol 50 cc1126-7
MR. T. LOUGH (Islington, W.)

asked whether it was the intention of the Government to proceed this afternoon with the first Order on the Paper, the Naval Works (Committee).


said he put down that Order on the Paper in deference to a wish expressed by the Leader of the Opposition last Friday, and he still thought that if the House would be content to take this stage sub silentio, as they did last year, and defer the discussion till the Second Reading of the Bill, it would be the most convenient course. He could not afford time to-night for this discussion, and if hon. Gentlemen desired such discussion at the present stage he should of course put off the Order.

Considere din Committee.

[The CHAIRMAN of WAYS and MEANS Mr. J. W. LOWTHER, in the Chair.]

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That it is expedient—

  1. (a) to make provision for the construction of works and acquisition of land in the United Kingdom and elsewhere for the purposes of the Royal Navy;
  2. (b) to authorise the issue, out of the Consolidated Fund, of such sums, not exceeding in the whole £654,000, as may be required for such purposes; and
  3. (c) to authorise the application of the surplus set apart, under Section four of the the Naval Works Act 1896, to the payment of the expenses of such works." —(Mr. Austen Chamberlam.)

MR. LLOYD GEORGE (Carnarvon Boroughs)

submitted that it was unreasonable that money should be voted without any explanation on the part of the department concerned. The Committee had only a vague general idea as to what the money was for. He thought there ought to be some explanation, otherwise it would be his duty to move to report progress.


said the Bill did not authorise the raising of any new money at all. What happened last year was that the surplus of 1895–96 Was voted by Parliament for the purposes of naval works, and the proposed Bill would simply increase the power of the Admiralty to spend the money which had been already provided by Parliament for that very purpose.

MR. LLOYD GEORGE moved "That the Chairman do report Progress, and ask leave to sit again."


, being of opinion that the Motion was an abuse of the Rules of the House, declined to propose the Question thereupon to the Committee.

Resolution agreed to; to be reported to-morrow.