HC Deb 02 July 1897 vol 50 c979

THE FIRST LORD OF THE TREASURY moved:— That the thanks of this House be given to the Very Rev. Frederick William Farrar, D.D., Dean of Canterbury, for the sermon preached by him on Sunday, the 20th day of June last, before this House in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, and that he be desired to print the same; and that Mr. Balfour and Secretary Sir Matthew White Ridley do acquaint him therewith.

CAPTAIN CHALONER (Wilts, Westbury)

said it would be in the knowledge of the Leader of the House that the sermon contained certain remarks of a distinctly political nature—[Opposition cries of "Oh ! "and Ministerial cheers] —if not of a controversial nature, and although he would be sorry to oppose the vote of thanks, he would appeal to the right hon. Gentleman to accept an Amendment to insert after the words "to print the same," that he be requested to omit such parts of the said sermon. [Opposition cries of "No !" and Ministerial cheers.]


I think any such Amendment would be unusual and irregular. [Opposition cries of "Hear, hear !"] The Motion must either be accepted or refused. It is a Motion that has been proposed in this form on every occasion that this House has attended St. Margaret's Church. ["Hear, hear !"]

Motion agreed to.