HC Deb 26 January 1897 vol 45 c504
MR. T. D. SULLIVAN (Donegal, W.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1) whether, in view of the distress prevailing in many districts of Western Donegal, he will say when the commencement of the works of the promised light railways in that part of the country may be expected; and (2) whether any other public works, such as the improvement of piers and landing-places on the coast, are likely to be speedily undertaken by the Government?


The condition of the small occupiers in Western Donegal has formed the subject of careful investigation by the Local Government Board, and the result of the inquiries made is that it is not considered necessary to adopt exceptional measures for their relief. With regard to light railways I am not in a position at present to make any statement on the subject. It is not correct to say that a promise has been given to undertake railway works in this part of Donegal. As to the second paragraph, I understand that the Congested Districts Board are completing the erection of a pier at Tory Island, and also the extension of a pier at Burton Port. No additional works of this character are in immediate contemplation by the Government.