HC Deb 05 February 1897 vol 45 cc1417-8

Special Report from the Select Committee brought up, and read by the Clerk Assistant (Mr. Archibald Milman) as followeth:—

The Select Committee on British South Africa have agreed to the following Resolutions:—

  1. "(i.) That any persons or body deeming themselves interested, who wish to appear by Counsel, shall make application in writing to the Clerk on or before Tuesday next, stating the grounds upon which they desire to appear;
  2. "(ii.) That the Committee propose retaining the conduct of the inquiry referred to them entirely in their own hands, but will accept the assistance of Counsel when they think it necessary;
  3. "(iii.) That all Witnesses, except as hereinafter mentioned, will be called and examined by the Committee;
  4. "(iv.) That if the evidence of any Witness shall affect the interests of any person or body represented by Counsel, application may be made to the Committee for leave to cross-examine such Witness;
  5. "(v.) That if it be desired to call any Witness not examined by the Committee, Counsel must apply for permission to call such Witness, who will be examined as the Committee may think fit;
  6. "(vi.) That the extent to which Counsel may address the Committee will be determined at a later stage of the Inquiry."

Report to lie upon the Table, and to be printed.—[No. 64.]

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