HC Deb 06 August 1897 vol 52 c532
Title of Bill. Progress.
Aberbrothwick Harbour Royal Assent, June 3.
Access to Mountains (Scotland) Read 1°, Jan. 22
Accountants Withdrawn, June 1.
Accountants (Scotland) Withdrawn, June 1.
Agricultural Holdings Read 1°, Jan. 22.
Agricultural Produce (Marks) Read 2°, and Committed, April 7.
Agriculture and Industries (Ireland) Withdrawn, May 24.
Alexandra and Newport (South Wales) Docks and Railway Royal Assent, Aug. 6.
Aliens Read 1°, Jan. 22.
Allotments (London) Read 1a, April 5.
Appeal in Certain Civil Matters (Ireland) Royal Assent, June 3.
Appointment of High Sheriffs (Ireland) Read 1°, Feb 26.
Archdeaconry of Cornwall Royal Assent, June 3.
Archdeaconry of London (Additional Endowments) Royal Assent, Aug. 6.
Army Annual Royal Assent, Mar. 29.
Arundel Gas Royal Assent, July 15.
Ashford Urban District Gas Royal Assent, June 3.
Assam Railways and Trading Company Royal Assent, June 3.
Assistant County Surveyors (Ireland) Read 1°, Jan. 22.
Bakehouses Read 1°, Mar. 9.
Baldock and Bygrave Benefices Union Royal Assent, Aug. 6.
Barry Railway Royal Assent, July 15.
Belfast Water Royal Assent, Aug. 6.
Benefices Read 1°, Jan. 22.
Benefices (No. 3) Read 1°, Jan. 22.
Berriew School Royal Assent, July 15.
Betting Act (1853) Repeal Read 1°, June 1.
Bicycles (Ireland) Withdrawn, July 26.
Birkenhead Corporation Royal Assent, July 15.
Birkenhead Corporation (Ferries) Royal Assent, July 15.
Birmingham Churches Royal Assent, Aug. 6.
Birmingham City Tramways Royal Assent, Aug. 6.
Birmingham, North Warwickshire, and Stratford-upon-Avon Railway Royal Assent, Aug. 6.
Birmingham, Tame, and Rea District Drainage Board Royal Assent, June 3
Boards of Guardians and Labourers (Ireland) Debate on Second Reading, April 7.
Boiler Inspection and Registration Read 1°, Jan. 22.
Bolton Tramways and Improvement Royal Assent, July 15.
Borough Funds Read 1°, Jan. 22.
Borough Justices' Clerks Read 1°, Feb. 17.
Borrowstounness Town and Harbour Royal Assent, July 15.
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