HC Deb 21 May 1896 vol 41 cc65-6

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he will inquire what has been the cause of the great delay which has occurred in putting the labourers in the Emly district of the Tipperary Union in possession of the plots of ground which have been marked out for them; and, whether the Local Government Board can do anything towards putting the labourers into possession in time to enable them to till the land this season?


The loan for the purposes of the Improvement Scheme in these cases has been sanctioned by the Treasury, and the delay in obtaining possession of the plots has arisen out of the arbitration proceedings. It appears that at the meeting for the preparation of the Arbitrator's award the accuracy of the schedules deposited by the Guardians was questioned, and when these have been corrected the arbitration will proceed. It is hoped the Arbitrator will be able, without serious delay, to make his final draft award.


Can the right hon. Gentleman press upon the Arbitrator the desirability of making an award in time to allow the labourers to cultivate the land for this year's crop?


Yes, sir, if it depends on the Arbitrator I shall be happy to make the representations to him which the hon. Gentleman requests. I do not think it depends entirely on the Arbitrator; however, I will communicate with him on the subject.