HC Deb 21 May 1896 vol 41 cc80-1
MR. R. MCKENNA (Monmouth, N.)

I beg to ask Mr. Attorney General—(1) whether his attention has been called to the comments on the conduct of Mr. S. P. Gilbert, made by the Lord Chancellor in the case of Aaron's Reefs (Limited) v. Turis (House of Lords, 30th April 1896) (2) whether he is aware that Mr. S. P. Gilbert is the same person as Mr. T. Gilbert, who has recently been appointed to the Commission of the Peace of the county of Essex (Colchester Bench); and, (3) what action the Lord Chancellor proposes to take in the matter?


I am informed by the Lord Chancellor that he has already been in communication with the Lord Lieutenant of the county upon the matter, and, should it turn out that the person named T. Gilbert is the same person as S. P. Gilbert referred to in the first paragraph of the Question, his name will be removed from the Commission of the Peace.