HC Deb 21 May 1896 vol 41 cc200-1

A limit imposed by any enactment on a rate shall be construed as being only a limit on the amount to be raised by that rate, and where by that limit or otherwise the sum to be raised or expended by a local authority is limited by any enactment by reference to a rate, the limit shall be varied so as to enable the local authority to raise or expend the same sum as they might have done if this Act had not passed, and in the case of a spending authority receiving any sum paid under this Act out of the local taxation account in respect of such rate that sum shall he deemed to be part of the sum raised thereby.


asked what the right hon. Gentleman the Leader of the House proposed to do. They had had a 21 hours' sitting, and he thought the right hon. Gentleman himself began to understand that there were a large number of principles involved in the Bill besides that in Clause 1. He begged to move that Progress be reported.


said the Government proposed to do what he really thought every Gentleman on either side of the House would regard as for the general convenience—namely, that having done so much they should finish this Bill. [Ministerial cheers.] Let hon. Gentlemen remember that a little further exertion now would give them four days' holiday. [Laughter.]


said the right hon. Gentleman had not answered the question as to what it was proposed to do with regard to the subsequent events of the day.


said that if the House would consent to deal rapidly with this Bill those plans which in happier circumstances he had formed for getting through what he had hoped was non-controversial business might fall into ruin. He would accede to this, that, if hon. Gentlemen would finish this Bill, he would not take any other business, except the Adjournment, at that Sitting. [Cheers.]


said he was glad to hear that statement, and he only regretted that the right hon. Gentleman did not make it at a quarter past 12 o'clock that night, as they might then have come to a better arrangement. ["Hear, hear!" and Ministerial laughter.]

Motion for adjournment, by leave withdrawn; clause added to the Bill.

Clause 9,—

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