HC Deb 05 March 1896 vol 38 c230

I bag to ask the President of the Board of Trade if he will state what progress, if any, has been made with the railways to be constructed by the Highland Railway Company under the Highland Railway (New Lines) Act, 1890; and whether, if the railways are not completed, the penalty of £50 per day has been enforced, in accordance with Section 10 of the Act; and if not, why not?


I understand from the Company that of the five railways authorised by the Act of 1890, line No. 1 has been constructed to Fortrose; lines Nos. 3 and 4 have been completed; line No. 5 (a short extension) has not been made, neither has line No. 2, but the Company have a Bill in Parliament to revise their powers as to this latter railway. The penalty clauses are inserted primarily for the protection of landowners and other persons whose property has been interfered with; prosecutions are not otherwise instituted.