HC Deb 03 March 1896 vol 38 c33

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, what has been the rate of interest required for loans granted to landlords and to tenant farmers respectively for improvements since the year 1880; and, at what dates, and for which purposes such loans were granted?


Speaking generally, the rate of interest is 3½ per cent. I do not quite understand the meaning of the hon. Member's Question as to the dates, but if he refers to the dates of the various empowering Acts, he will find the information on that point and also on the purposes for which the loans are made, in Appendix E to the 62nd Report of the Board of Works, which contains the following items:—

Loans to Landlords
(a) For sub-soiling, trenching, irrigation, embanking, fencing, and reclamation of waste lands 10 Vict., cap.32
(b) For farm buildings, houses, and offices, scutch mills, labourers' dwellings, and planting. 10 Vict., cap. 32& 29–30Vict., cap. 40.
(c) For labourers' cottages erected by order of Land Commission. 10 Vict., cap.32 and 44–45 Vict., cap. 49.
Loans to Tenants for improvement of their holdings. 44–45 Vict., cap. 49.