HC Deb 03 March 1896 vol 38 cc22-3

I beg to ask Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, whether he is aware that the Northern Law Society, the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, have already expressed their desire to have a District Registry for issue, of Writs of Summons established in the city of Belfast, and that all the merchants of the, city consider it is required there for the convenience of suitors; and, whether, in view of the large number of cases from Belfast, he will consider the desirability of giving that city the same advantage as is now conferred upon so many smaller towns in England?


I have already explained to the hon. Member that District Registries in England are the creation of a Statute, and that there is no similar Statute applicable to Ireland. Without fresh legislation it is, therefore, impossible to establish such a Registry in Belfast as he desires. I have seen the resolution passed by the bodies mentioned in the question, but have been. informed that there is much diversity of local opinion on the subject. The Irish Government will, however, be happy to consider any representations which may be made by any body or person in reference to the matter; but I cannot hold out any hope that they will introduce a Bill to assimilate the law in the two countries.

MR. S. YOUNG (Cavan, E.)

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that there are upwards of 80 such Registries in England, and is there, any good reason why equal regard should not be paid to the convenience and interests of Belfast?


I am well aware that there are 83 Registries in England; but, as I have said, for the reason that fresh legislation would be necessary, it is at present impossible to satisfy the demand made on behalf of Belfast.

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