HC Deb 02 March 1896 vol 37 cc1481-2

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India, whether he will lay upon the Table the Report as to the excessive death-rate in Bengal prisons, and the other papers connected with the Inquiry some two years ago; and why the Administrative Report of the Gaols of Bengal, printed at the Bengal Secretariat Press, is marked as not printed for sale, and is not purchaseable, as similar Reports are in this country?


I am not aware that there has been any single Report on the subject referred to. The Government of India's proceedings contain several voluminous Reports upon certain gaols in which a heavy mortality had been observed, but the papers are obviously incomplete. I will make inquiries, and let the hon. Member know in due course what papers can be presented upon his making the usual Motion. I will also inquire whether the Administrative Report may not be offered for sale after it has been reviewed by the Lieutenant Governor. The Government Resolution, I observe, has been published in the official Gazette, and it seems to contain all the material facts.