HC Deb 18 June 1896 vol 41 c1324
MR. J. L. CAREW (Dublin, College Green)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he is aware that on Thursday the 11th instant two members of the Newbridge dispensary committee met together for the purpose of electing one of themselves to the vacant chairmanship; that in order to form a quorum they went to another member of the committee, who resides in Newbridge, and having induced him to attend, one of them proposed the other to be chairman, and the, third member not dissenting, declared him duly elected; whether he is aware that the meeting was not properly convened, that no notice of it or of the business to be transacted at it was served on the other members of the committee; and, whether, having regard to the informality of the proceedings, he will order the election to be declared void, and direct a new one to be held on proper notice being served upon every member of the committee?


I am informed that at an ordinary meeting of the dispensary committee, held on the 11th instant, a chairman was elected for the current year, but that as no notice of the election had been previously given to the members of the committee, the proceedings were informal, and the election is therefore void. A new election will consequently take place after the requisite notice as prescribed by the regulations.