HC Deb 11 June 1896 vol 41 cc852-3
MR. JAMES DALY (Monaghan, S.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he is aware that Patrick M'Ginn, Corryagan, parish of Donomoyne, South Monaghan, who purchased his holding under the Ashbourne Act, is processed by the Irish Land Commission for half a year's rent; that M'Ginn sold his farm by public auction in January last, and that the sale fell through owing to the Irish Land Commission refusing to return the deed of M'Ginn's farm when requested to do so; and that the Irish Land Commission hold the deed of M'Ginn's farm since 1894; whether he will direct the Irish Land Commission not to charge M'Ginn any law costs under the circumstances; and whether, if M'Ginn again puts up his farm for sale, and it does not realize so much as in January last, he will direct the Irish Land Commission to make up the difference to M'Ginn, owing to their not returning the deed?


The proceedings taken by the Land Commission in this case are for the recovery of three instalments, not one only as alleged in the Question. The statement that the Commissioners refused to return the title-deed of M'Ginn's farm is made under a misapprehension, as the deed was a conveyance under the Land Purchase Act of 1885, and, as such, was retained, in accordance with the invariable rule, pending the repayment of the advance to M'Ginn under that Act. The deed would be of no use in carrying out the sale of his holding, which should be completed, pursuant to the Local Registration of Title Act, by transfer on the Register. The Commissioners do not consider this purchaser has any claim to be relieved of the costs incurred in connection with the proceedings taken against him for recovery of the instalments in arrear, and I cannot give any directions such as are suggested at the end of the Question.