HC Deb 04 June 1896 vol 41 cc468-9

(1.) The Clauses Acts, as defined by this Act, and the enactments mentioned in the Second Schedule to this Act, shall not apply to a light railway authorised under this Act except so far as they are incorporated or applied by the Order authorising the railway.

(2.) Subject to the foregoing provisions of this Act and to any special provisions contained in the Order authorising the railway, the general enactments relating to railways (including the Railway Clearing Act, 1850) shall apply to a light railway under this Act in like manner as they apply to any other railway: and for the purposes of those enactments the light railway company shall be deemed a railway company, and the order under this Act a special Act, and any provision thereof a special enactment. Provided that a light railway shall not he deemed to be a railway within the meaning of the Act of the fifth and sixth years of Victoria, chapter seventy-nine, entitled "An Act to Repeal the Duties payable on Stage Carriages and on Passengers conveyed upon Railways, and certain other Stamp Duties in Great Britain, and to grant other Duties in lieu thereof, and also to amend the Laws relating to the Stamp Duties," and that no duties shall hereafter he levied in respect of passengers conveyed on a light railway constructed under this Act in respect of the conveyance of such passengers upon such railway.

MR. JACKSON (Leeds, N.) moved in Sub-section (2), to leave out "including the Railway Clearing Act, 1850." The omission of the words would give effect to an agreement which had been arrived at in the Committee upstairs. The Amendment would have been moved upstairs were it not for a ruling of the Chairman—which he did not at all question—by which the particular point at which the Amendment would have been admissible was passed. The words were unnecessary. The effect of leaving out the words would be to prevent confusion. Light railways made under the Bill would be placed on precisely the same footing as other railways.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause 13—