HC Deb 31 July 1896 vol 43 cc1266-7

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury when the Military Manœuvres Bill will be gone on with?

SIR HENRY FOWLER (Wolverhampton)

also asked what business would be taken on Saturday, and when Supply would again be taken?


The business I propose to take to-morrow is the Uganda Bill, Third Reading; Locomotives on Highways Bill, Report as amended; the Telegraph Money Bill, Committee; Public Works Loans Bill, Committee; Housing of the Working Classes (Scotland) Bill, Report; the Stannaries Bill, Committee; and the Bishopric of Bristol Bill. These Measures, as everyone knows who has followed them, are, I believe, likely to be disposed of in a very brief space of time; and if we, as I hope, are so fortunate as to finish them early, there are a few controversial minor Bills with which I think the House will desire to make progress also. I shall not ask the House to sit to any unreasonable time to-morrow, but the Bills I have mentioned we must get before we rise. With regard to the business next week, the first business will be the Scotch Rating Bill, and until I know what progress will be made with that Measure I cannot give the day on which we will take again Supply. With regard to the Military Manœuvres Bill, it was one of those Measures which, as I told the House, I confidently expected would pass in the course of the present Session. But since I made that statement it has come to my knowledge that the opposition to the Measure is of a much more formidable character than I had reason to believe, and I am afraid the discussions in Committee would take a longer time than the House can afford at the present period of the Session. Under those circumstances, I do not think it would be desirable to proceed with the Measure this year. I make that announcement with less regret, as it would not be possible to have manœuvres this year even if the Bill were passed before the end of the Session. I will consult with my hon. Friend who is in charge of the Bill, and who has shown a conciliatory disposition in dealing with the various suggestions made to him—["Hear, hear!"]—to see what we can do next Session to promote an object which is on both sides regarded as desirable. ["Hear, hear!"]


asked the right hon. Gentleman whether, considering the Amendments to the Scotch Rating Bill which the Government had placed on the Paper, and the desirability of Scotch opinion being consulted in regard to those Amendments, he really proposed to go on with the Bill this Session?


The operation of the Amendments put down by the Government will be to bring the Bill more into harmony with the views of the late Lord Advocate and I see no reason for departing from our determination to proceed with the Bill. ["Hear, hear!"]

MR. J. BRYCE (Aberdeen, S.)

asked what Estimates would be put down the day Supply would be next taken?


I think I have already said the Army Votes and the Scotch Votes will be taken next.