HC Deb 28 July 1896 vol 43 cc805-6

On the Order for the Third Reading of this Bill,

SIR HOWARD VINCENT) (Sheffield, Central

said he desired to enter a protest against a Bill of this character, which was opposed in many quarters, being brought forward at such a late period of the Session, and especially being sent up to the Upper House, when it was impossible for it to receive the consideration it deserved. The Bill was to enable the Walton Parish Council to establish a sewage farm at the extreme edge of their parish and the parish of Esher, where there was valuable property. If the Parish Council of Walton wanted to establish a sewage farm they ought to establish it in the centre of their own parish and not at the extreme boundary, where it would prove an injury to another parish. The President of the Local Government Board and the Secretary to the Board had acted with extreme courtesy to those who objected to the Bill, and he did not desire to oppose its Third Heading, but he hoped that objection might be taken in another place to a Bill of this character being sent up to them at such a period of the Session. Besides, there was in Walton parish itself an admirable site—the Field Common site—into which the Committee did not go. He hoped that the Standing Orders in another place would provide against an opposed Measure of this kind being passed.


said that the usual procedure had been adopted in regard to this Rill. An Inquiry had been held by the Local Government Board; the whole scheme had been submitted to a Committee, the finding of the Committee had been unanimous, and when he found that the hon. Member desired to object to the Bill he postponed the Third Reading until that day, in the hope of arriving at an agreement. Failing that agreement, the Bill would go to another place, where the hon. Member would have a full opportunity of raising his objections.

Bill read the Third time, and passed.

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