HC Deb 28 July 1896 vol 43 cc815-6

I beg to ask the hon. Member for Thirsk, as a Charity Commissioner—(1) what is the total capital value of the endowments excepted from the operation of the scheme of 1890, which have recently been acquired by the governing body of Christ's Hospital for the purposes of the said scheme; (2) what proportion of such capital sum it is proposed to lay out upon the site purchased by the governing body near Horsham; (3) whether it is proposed to devote any and what amount of this capital sum to the establishment of day schools in London, in accordance with the provisions of the scheme of 1890; (4) what is the estimated cost of the new buildings proposed to be erected for Christ's Hospital Schools on the site near Horsham, and for what number of scholars is accommodation to be provided; (5) whether an adequate and unexceptionable water supply has now been found on the estate itself, and whether any and what analysis of the same has been made; and, if so, by whom, and what is the result of such analysis; (6) what proportion of the sum proposed to be laid out on the site near Horsham will be expended on under-draining the land on which it is proposed to build, and what amount will be spent in laying out and developing the adjacent land; (7) whether any and what arrangement has been concluded with the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Company as to the number of trains per diem which will stop at the special station which is to be provided for the school; (8) what approximately will be the duration of the journey from London to the special station and from the special station to London respectively, and what arrangement has been made with the railway company as to the issue of cheap return tickets at reduced rates; and (9) will such tickets be available for use by all trains, or, if not, by how many and by what trains?


asked whether it was not the fact that for several weeks the people had been engaged in draining the land which was the subject of the question; and that the medical officer of health in West Sussex, who was an acknowledged authority, had reported; most favourably on the situation and the water supply?

MR. GRANT LAWSON (York, N.R., Thirsk)

Yes, Sir, I have had those facts brought to my attention. As to the Question on the Paper, the answer to the first Question is, about, £122,000. To the second and third, the governing body of Christ's Hospital are entitled to receive the income only of the accepted endowments, and have no power to deal with this capital. To the fourth, the estimate for the erection of the new buildings, in accordance with the plans as now modified, is about £253,000. These plans have not as yet been approved by the Charity Commissioners. It is proposed to provide at present for 500 to 600 boys and for 200 girls. The Charity Commissioners, while responsible for the approval of the site for the new hospital buildings and for the general sanction of capital expenditure upon that site, are not charged with the current administration either of the hospital generally or of the particular work of its removal to another site. The Commissioners are, therefore, unable to answer these questions further than to say that their approval was given to the acquisition of the site at Horsham upon professional evidence as to the abundance and excellence of the water supply there, and that they have sanctioned the expenditure by the governing body of a capital sum not exceeding £20,000 in draining, roads, levelling, and planting, in connection with the new buildings. It may be added that the Commissioners learn from a report issued by the governing body that the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Company have agreed to build a station on the site and to give cheap fares and exceptional facilities for reaching it.