HC Deb 23 July 1896 vol 43 c453

Reported, without Amendment; Bill to be read the Third time.

Bill read 1°, 10th July; 2°, 17th July.

Leave to the Committee to make a Special Report; Special Report brought up, and read. Mr. James William Lowther reported from the Committee on Abensnr's Naturalisation Bill [Lords] that they had agreed to the following Special Report:— That the Bill seeks power to alter the general law by granting to Isaac Aaron Abensur the same rights, privileges, and capacities which he would or might have enjoyed if a certificate of naturalisation had been granted to him under the hand of one of Her Majesty's principal Secretaries of State in accordance with the provisions of the Naturalisation Act 1870 which prescribes a residence in the United Kingdom for a period of five years. That it was proved to the Committee that the Petitioner's application for the Bill had been recommended by Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs on the ground of public services rendered by the Petitioner and his family, and it was also proved that he had obtained a certificate from one of Her Majesty's Secretaries of State respecting his conduct, and also that the consent of the Crown to his application had been signified by the Lord Chancellor previous to the Second Reading of the Bill being-allowed to take place in the House of Lords, as required by the Standing Orders of that House. Under these circumstances the Committee had passed the Bill without Amendment, but had determined to report the same specially to the House. Mr. James William Lowther further reported from the Committee: That they had examined the allegations of the Bill, and found the same to be true, and had gone through the Bill and directed him to report the same without Amendment.

Report and Special Report to lie upon the Table, and to be printed.