HC Deb 21 July 1896 vol 43 cc255-6

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland—(1) whether he will ascertain what sum the costs came to which were allowed by the County Carlow Grand Jury in the case of the malicious burning of a cabin in the lands of Lieutenant Colonel John James Hardy Eustace; (2) whether the Grand Jury approved of the actual amount before it was included in the rates and collected from the ratepayers in the special area over which the amount was levied; and (3) if the costs were taxed or checked before being passed; and, if so, by whom?


The costs allowed in this case amounted to £1 10s. The reply to the second paragraph is in the affirmative, and to the last paragraph in the negative.


I beg to ask the Attorney General for Ireland if he will state upon what legal authority the county Carlow Grand Jury on the 13th instant passed a presentment for £12 to Mr. Charles H. Thorpe, solicitor, for preparing and registering the bonds of six barony constables appointed at the previous assizes, and pay £24 a year to that gentleman for that service; and whether the cost of preparing these bonds should be borne by the barony constables themselves; under what authority and by whose instructions Mr. Thorpe performed this work; and whether Mr. Thorpe also charges the six barony constables £1 each for these bonds, in addition to the amount paid by the Grand Jury?


I have received a telegram from the Secretary to the Grand Jury which does not contain sufficient information to enable me to answer the Question. I have called for a further report, when I have received it I shall be happy to answer the hon. Member; but I may perhaps refer him to the answers given to several questions similar to the present to the effect that the Executive is not responsible for and has no control over the Grand Jury in matters such as these, and that if any ratepayer contest the legality of a presentment, his best way is to traverse it before the Judge of Assizes and have its validity determined.