HC Deb 06 July 1896 vol 42 cc785-6

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland—(1) whether an application was made to the Land Commission in August 1892 by John H. Campbell, of Malin, County Donegal, for the registration of the title to his farm under the Local Registration of Title Act, 1891; (2) whether the title has yet been registered; and, if not, what is the cause of the delay; (3) and how many peasant purchasers in Ireland, who applied in 1892 to have their titles locally registered, have not yet been able to obtain the registration of their titles?


No such application was made to the Land Commission by John H. Campbell in August, 1892, but an application was made by Mary Anne Campbell, and it was subsequently ascertained, after considerable correspondence, that she was not entitled to be registered as owner, and that the application should have been made in the name of John H. Campbell, who, however, did not lodge his application till last year. The title of the latter has not yet been registered, though the rulings have been issued, and the searches directed are now being made. The answer to the third paragraph cannot be given with absolute accurracy, but I am informed that the number of peasant purchasers who lodged applications for the registration of their titles before the end of 1892 was about 7,500, of which 2,522 have been completed. The delay in completing the registration in the remaining cases rests with the applicants themselves, of whom as many as 4,428 have not replied to the requisitions issued to them by the Registrar of Titles, and until they do so the registering authority cannot take any further steps. In some 550 other cases the registration is in process of completion.