HC Deb 02 July 1896 vol 42 c543

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland—(1) whether he has received an influentially-signed memorial supporting the claim of the industrial school conducted by the sisters of the Presentation Convent, Thurles, to be registered for the training of an increased number of female children; and (2), whether, in view of the fact that the work and efficiency of this school have been highly commended by successive Government Inspectors, the numerous applications for admission from various parts of the country, and the willingness of the manager to considerably enlarge the existing accommodation, he will favourably consider the suggestion that the number of certified children be raised from 45 to 100?


A memorial of the nature referred to in the first paragraph was received by me in December last. The result of inquiry then showed that, out of 47 children under detention in the school, 46 were from the County and City of Dublin, while there was but one child in the school from the County of Tipperary. Owing to the dimensions already assumed by the grant for industrial schools in Ireland, and the claims of existing certified schools which meet the wants of the localities in which they are situate, I am afraid I cannot hold out a hope that any renewed application for an extension of the certificate now granted to the particular institution in question will be favourably considered.