HC Deb 02 July 1896 vol 42 cc525-6
Dr. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid)

I beg to ask the First Commissioner of Works, whether he has as yet ascertained with whom the power rests for limiting the number of ladies visiting the Terrace; if he is aware that recently the numbers were so many that the western end of the Terrace was temporarily annexed; and whether some arrangement could be made permitting the admission to the Terrace of those ladies who have seats in the Ladies' Gallery, and in addition an equal number who shall have secured orders through Members securing them by ballot, and similar to the system now obtaining for the Ladies' Gallery?


Will the right hon. Gentleman kindly answer No. 37 at the same time. Further, I should like to ask him whether he could not arrange that the Crypt should be opened, so that the hon. Member for Mid Cork and his friends, who cannot bear to see ladies having tea on the Terrace, might retire there to indulge in meditation and prayer?


I beg to ask the First Commissioner of Works, whether, before any change is made in the direction suggested by the Question of the hon. Member for Mid Cork, which would limit or in any way interfere with the existing privileges of Members of the House to take lady friends to the Terrace, an opportunity will be afforded of taking the opinion of the House by a vote on the question?


The question of the admission of ladies to the Terrace rests entirely with the authorities of the House. I am aware that the southwestern end of the Terrace is often unduly crowded. I understand that the whole matter will be considered by the authorities of the House between this time and next year, and that if any new rule is made, it will not come into force until next Session. In reply to the hon. Member for Kilkenny, I would point out that he will have an opportunity of raising the question on the Estimates, Class 2, Vote 2, or on the Appropriation Bill.


Is it the fact, as reported last week, that, in consequence of the overcrowding of some of the passages leading to the Terrace, several hon. Members were not able to vote?


I had several complaints on the day in question that the Terrace was unduly crowded.