HC Deb 25 February 1896 vol 37 cc1078-9

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether it is the intention of the Government to bring in a Bill to prevent the deportation of paupers from England to Ireland; and, whether any similar deportation is exercised regarding aliens who have become pauperised after long residence in England?


Aliens becoming chargeable to the rates in England are not removable to the country of their birth. In the case of Irish persons who become chargeable in England, they are not removable to Ireland, if they have acquired a settlement or the status of irremovability in England. The law of removal from England to Ireland is receiving my consideration, but I cannot at present undertake to propose legislation on the subject during the present Session.


asked the right hon. Gentleman whether he was acquainted with the case which occurred very recently, in which a Frenchwoman who had never spent any time in Ireland——


Order, order! The hon. Member must give notice of that question.


asked if the right hon. Gentleman could say what the status of irremovability was?


A settlement in England can be acquired by a residence in a parish for three years without receipt of relief. A status of irremovability can be acquired by residence in a union for one year without receipt of relief.

DR. KENNY (Dublin, College Green)

asked, if the right hon. Gentleman was aware of many cases of persons who spent almost their entire lives in this country and were removed in their old age to Ireland? He could give the right hon. Gentleman such a case.


I should be very glad to inquire into any case the hon. Member cares to bring before me, but I am not aware of the cases he refers to.