HC Deb 25 February 1896 vol 37 cc1055-6

Return ordered, showing—

  1. "1. The number of estates not exceeding £100, together with their net value, for the year 1894–5 (as returned on page xxiii. of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue Report for 1893–4);
  2. "2. The capital value of each description of property charged with Death Duties under each head of charge for England, Scotland, Ireland, 1056 and the United Kingdom for each of the five years ending 1894–5 (as returned on page xxii. of the Commissioners' Report for 1893–4);
  3. "3. The total principal value of property situate out of the United Kingdom on which Death Duties were levied during the year 1894–5;
  4. "4. The total amount allowed (under Section 20 of The Finance Act, 1894) as a deduction from Death Duties on property situate out of the United Kingdom, on account of payments of duty in British Possessions during the year 1894–5;
  5. "5. The amount of duty levied on (1) small estates not exceeding £300 gross, and (2) small estates not exceeding £500 gross, during the year 1894–5."—(Mr. Gibson Bowles.)