HC Deb 24 February 1896 vol 37 cc914-5
MR. T. LOUGH (Islington, W.)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade with regard to the Returns of Emigration and Immigration issued by the Board of Trade, whether a commercial travellar sent for six months say to South Africa is entered in the Returns on his departure as an emigrant and on his return as an immigrant, and whether if a Member of this House visits America during the Recess his trip affects both Returns in the same way; whether if a family removes permanently from this country to the South of France, or any other place in the Continent of Europe, their emigration is entirely omitted from the Returns; and whether, if that is so, steps can be taken in conjunction with Local Authorities, or by other means, to make these Returns more accurate; and whether he will undertake that this shall be done before introducing any legislation to this House affecting emigrants or immigrants?


The Returns referred to by the hon. Member, although spoken of shortly as Returns of Emigration and Immigration, are really Returns of all passengers to and from places out of Europe excluding places within the Mediterranean. Commercial travellers and tourists are thus included both when they go and when they come in. And this is the only way to arrive at an exact balance of the passenger movement, which is the object aimed at. Persons going from this country to the South of France or elsewhere in Europe to settle are not included in these Returns at all which only deal with places out of Europe. The Returns are supplemented by returns as to aliens arriving in this country from Europe, and information as to the passenger movement generally set out in the Annual Reports on Emigration and Immigration laid before the House. It is not proposed to make any change in the Returns for which legislation would be required.