HC Deb 21 February 1896 vol 37 cc807-8
MR. J. DALY (Limerick)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if District Inspector Bain, Newcastle West, is still in Ashanti; is he drawing any extra pay as a Volunteer with Sir John Scott's expedition, and is he at same time drawing his pay as a police officer; and, who is performing his duties in Newcastle West during his absence, and who is paying his substitute?


Mr. Bain was granted two months leave of absence for the purpose of joining the expedition to Ashanti. He has not yet returned to Ireland, but it is presumed he is on his way back. He will be allowed to draw his pay as a District Inspector whilst absent on leave. It is not known whether he is drawing any extra pay as a volunteer on the expedition. His duties at Newcastle West are performed by a District Inspector who is a supernumerary awaiting allocation to a station upon the occurence of a vacancy, and no expense to the public is caused by his acting as locum tenens there.


asked if it was customary for the Constabulary Authorities to give a District Inspector two months' leave?

MR. J. DILLON (Mayo, E.)

inquired if there was any case on record of an English police official receiving leave for the purpose of going on a military expedition?


asked for notice of the latter. He believed that 50 days was the amount of leave granted in the course of a year. Sometimes that was extended to two months, but the additional ten days were taken off the leave of the following year.