HC Deb 12 August 1896 vol 44 cc670-1

Lords' Amendments— Page 2, line 13; after "compulsory" insert "or of the agents of such persons," and page 29, leave out "section" and insert "Act.

Agreed to.

On Lords' Amendment— After Clause 4, insert Clause A, "Provision in case of lettings by sanitary authority to persons other than agricultural labourers,


moved that the House do disagree with the Lords' Amendment. This was a clause which was in the original Bill as introduced by the Government, and in resisting its introduction into the Bill now he did so not on the merits of the question. He thought it was a good clause when it was introduced into the Bill, and he was still of that opinion; but this Bill was, from the first, introduced as a non-contentious measure, and he abandoned the clause in Committee on the representation of hon. Members from Ireland that they regarded it as contentious. He considered that that practically imposed upon him a Parliamentary understanding that the clause should not be insisted upon. It was on that ground that he moved that the House do disagree with the Lords' Amendment.

Motion agreed to.

Lords' Amendment— After Clause 6, insert Clause B, "Conditions for sale of cottages not required for labourers.

Agreed to.

Lords' Amendment— After Clause (B), insert Clause (C) ("Provision as to rules made by the Lord Lieutenant in Council.")

Agreed to.

Committee appointed to draw up reasons, to be assigned to the Lords, for disagreeing with one of the Amendments made by the Lords to the Bill.