HC Deb 11 August 1896 vol 44 cc498-9
SIR W. HARCOURT (Monmouthshire, W.)

I wish to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether he will make arrangements to secure the appointment of the Select Committee on British South Africa before the close of the Session, so that the Committee may proceed to business at once at the beginning of next Session; and that the necessary evidence may be got ready?


I concur in thinking that it is desirable this committee should be appointed as soon as possible. If it is not appointed very soon it may be difficult to obtain the necessary quorum at the first meeting of the Committee, as some of the gentlemen to be nominated may not wish to remain longer in town. I hope, therefore, that we may be able to nominate the Committee tonight, and I trust that the hon. Members will support us in the endeavour to constitute this Committee. As I am on my legs, may I remind the House that it is not in my power to arrange the Votes on Report in any other order than that in which they passed through Committee, but I understand that there are seven Totes which have not been discussed at all, and which hon. Gentlemen desire to deal with. There are others on which a further discussion may be desired, and perhaps, which might be taken with advantage after the Votes I have mentioned, and therefore I should ask the House to postpone them. Those passed last night without any discussion I think we might take as we reach them, and if that view commends itself to the House, I will take care that it shall be carried out.

SIR E. ASHMEAD-BARTLETT (Sheffield, Ecclesall)

Will my right hon. Friend say what will be done with the Colonial Vote? A pledge was given that there should be a further discussion upon it.


I do not think there was any pledge. I certainly am quite ignorant of having given any such pledge myself, and I do not think my right hon. Friend the Colonial Secretary gave one on my behalf. When we reach the Vote I shall ask for it to be postponed, and even then I should think we shall probably reach it before 10 o'clock to-night.