HC Deb 11 August 1896 vol 44 cc489-90

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade what steps have been taken during the past year with reference to Holyhead Harbour to improve the slapping accommodation of the harbour, to secure the greater safety of the harbour as a port of refuge, to remove the Platters' Rocks, to extend the dry-dock accommodation of the harbour, and to increase the facilities for landing goods at Holyhead?


At the Mail Jetty in the old harbour at Holyhead, works are now in progress to afford increased accommodation for the larger mail boats which are being constructed in connection with the acceleration of the Postal Service; but no special works have been undertaken during the past year to improve the shipping accommodation of the harbour, to extend the dry-dock accommodation or to remove the Platters' Rocks. As regards the Platters' Rocks, the question still stands at the point indicated in the reply of Sir Michael Hicks Beach to the then hon. Member for Anglesea, on the 4th April 1892. This was to the effect that the plan suggested for the partial removal of the rocks had not met with sufficient support to justify the Government in proceeding with it. I hope myself shortly to visit the harbour, and shall be glad to take that opportunity of further inquiring into the matter. Meanwhile I shall be glad of any information which the hon. Gentleman can give as to the local views on the modified proposal to which I refer.