HC Deb 10 August 1896 vol 44 c399

asked permission of the House to make a short statement on a personal matter. Hon. Members might have observed in the morning papers that an hon. Member, who at first did not disclose his personal identity, but who now turned out to be the Member for Barrow-in-Eurness, had done him the honour to propose him as a Member of the South Africa Committee in the place of his hon. Friend the Member for Northampton. He desired to say that this was done not only without his sanction, but without his knowledge. He had never expressed or entertained any wish or intention to supplant or displace his hon. Friend, and least of all should he have done so in his absence from the House and behind his back. He was fully alive to the high honour and privilege of serving on such a Committee, but to have his name pitchforked into the Notice Paper without a word being said to him on the subject, and at a time when the constitution of the Committee had been practically settled, was somewhat distasteful, and certainly most unusual. Though he had probably served on as many Select Committees as anyone in the House, he had never yet known such a thing to be done. He thought, under these circumstances, he was entitled to ask the hon. Gentleman to withdraw his Amendment. ["Hear, hear!"]

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