HC Deb 06 August 1896 vol 43 c1653

The provisions of the Local Officers' Superannuation (Ireland) Act, 1869, are hereby, in their application to the Corporation, extended so as to authorise the Corporation to grant (subject to the provisions of that Act) superannuation allowances to artisans, labourers and others in the service of the Corporation: Provided that no such artisan, labourer or servant shall be eligible on any ground for the grant of an allowance under this section unless he shall have been in the uninterrupted service of the Corporation for at least twenty years, and shall have become incapable of further serving the Corporation by reason of permanent infirmity of mind or body or of old age, or shall have been disabled by accident occasioned without his own default while actually engaged in work for the Corporation. And no artisan, labourer or servant shall be entitled to such allowance on the ground of age unless he shall have attained the age of sixty years.

That clause is quite outside the Instruction which was moved, as well as outside the Bill.

MR. J. J. CLANCY (Dublin Co., N.) moved, after Clause 25, to insert the following clause:—