HC Deb 24 April 1896 vol 39 c1629

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, as representing the Postmaster General, whether he is aware that large numbers of newspapers have lately been received in this country from Johannesburg, and that each of them has been surcharged on delivery through the rate being raised from 1d. per four ounces to 1d. per two ounces; whether representations have been made to the Government of the Transvaal on the subject, with a view to their assimilation of their postage on newspapers sent abroad to the British rate; and, whether he will meanwhile direct that Transvaal newspapers shall not be surcharged on delivery?


It is the fact that newspapers from the Transvaal have lately been received in this country and surcharged on delivery. They have been so charged because the Post Office of the Transvaal has raised from 1d. per four ounces to 1d. per two ounces, the postage on newspapers posted in that country, not only for the United Kingdom, but for all other countries outside South Africa. No representation has been made to the Transvaal Post Office on the subject, as that Office has acted within its rights in raising the postage, and has duly notified the change in its Postal Guide for January. In these circumstances the Postmaster General has no right to interfere; nor can he direct that the newspapers shall not be surcharged, as the charge is in accordance with the stipulations of the Postal Union Convention.