HC Deb 23 April 1896 vol 39 cc1503-4
CAPTAIN BAGOT (Westmorland, Kendal)

I beg to ask the Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education, whether, in view of the fact that in all memoranda of agreement between school managers and pupil teachers to be executed in accordance with Article 38 of the Code of Regulations for Day Schools for 1896, by which, in engagements which are to begin on or after the 1st July 1896, pupil teachers are not to serve in school for more than 20 hours in any one week, it is the intention of the Privy Council, or the Education Department, to issue instructions as to how the time thus placed at the disposal of pupil teachers is to be employed; if this time is to be devoted to the furtherance of their studies, whether managers will be instructed to arrange for definite instruction to be given to their pupil teachers during this time; and, as the Regulations of the Code will compel managers to engage additional teachers to supply the places of pupil teachers thus taken from teaching, what arrangements it is proposed to make to aid them in bearing the additional cost which will be thus incurred?


The Committee of Council do not propose to issue instructions regarding the employment of the time placed at the disposal of pupil teachers by the change in the Code. It may be devoted to study or to recreation, as circumstances may render it desirable. The change, which does not apply to pupil teachers engaged under previous Codes, will not necessarily involve additions to the staff. It is hoped that any difficulties will be met by a rearrangement of the time-table.