HC Deb 23 April 1896 vol 39 cc1526-7

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he is aware that jurors in Ireland have to travel in some instances 30 miles to be present at the presenting of white gloves to the Judge; whether he will, during the present Session, introduce a Bill on this subject to prevent jurors attending Sessions or Assizes if no cases are to be tried; whether he has seen a resolution passed by Sessional Grand Jury at New Ross in October last, and the remarks of Judge Kane on the occasion; and if he is aware that Judge Orr, in October last, at Castleblaney, when addressing the Grand Jury, regretted the hardship imposed upon jurors having to attend before him when no business was to be done, and expressing a hope that legislation on this subject would be passed soon to prevent this hardship upon jurors?


With the permission of my right hon. Friend, I will reply to this Question. I am aware that jurors are obliged in some instances to travel a considerable distance to attend Quarter Sessions when it may turn out that there is no business to be disposed of, but I think thirty miles must be an exaggeration. I am also aware that several Grand Juries, assembled at Quarter Sessions, have passed resolutions in reference to the present state of the law, and County Court Judges have made comments upon it; but none of these persons have made any reference to the almost insurmountable difficulty of dealing in one Measure with remote or peaceful districts and localities less fortunate where many accused persons are returned for trial during the two days preceding the Quarter Sessions. A Bill dealing with the subject cannot be introduced this Session.