HC Deb 14 April 1896 vol 39 c906

Considered in Committee:—

(In the Committee).

MR. J. W. LOWTHEE in the Chair.]

Motion made, and Question again proposed, That it is expedient to authorise the issue, out of the Consolidated Fund, of a sum not exceeding £300,000, for the purposes of the Telegraph Acts, and to authorise the Treasury to borrow such sum by means of terminable annuities, payable out of moneys to be provided by Parliament for the service of the Post Office, and, if those moneys are insufficient, out of the Consolidated Fund.—(Mr. Hanbury.)


asked for some explanation of the Resolution?


said that the hon. Member would recollect that there was a loan some time ago of about a million for the purchase of trunk telephones, nearly the whole of that money had now been expended in purchasing the wires, and the rest of it in buying new wires. It was now thought desirable to extend the trunk system still further, and the money he was asking for was for the purpose of extending the telephone system and purchasing new wires, etc.


thought that a fuller opportunity of considering the matter ought to be afforded to hon. Members.


Does the hon. Member take exception to this? If so, it is opposed business.


said that there would be other opportunities of discussing the matter.


objected to further proceeding, and the Chairman left the Chair to make his Report to the House.

Committee report Progress; to sit again upon Thursday.