HC Deb 10 April 1896 vol 39 c731

in moving the Second Reading of this Bill, said that it had been brought in to settle a difficulty which had arisen under the Local Government Act of 1888. It appeared that a difference had arisen between two local authorities as to the charges in respect of main roads, and that the Local Government Board had appointed their own arbitrator to settle it. The case, however, had been taken to the High Court, who had held that, under the Act, an outside arbitrator ought to have been appointed. Of course, all the decisions that had been given by the arbitrator might be held to be illegal, and the Bill had been introduced with the object of legalising them, and to enable disputes in the future to be settled in the ordinary way by the arbitrator to the Board. ["Hear, hear!"]

Read 2°, and committed for Monday next.