HC Deb 30 May 1895 vol 34 cc650-1
MR. LEES KNOWLES (Salford, W.)

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if his attention has been called to the report from Moscow, dated 23rd May, which recently appeared in the Standard, to the effect that the frequency of riots at cotton spinning mills in the central manufacturing districts of Russia is increasing; that recently a riot broke out at a mill in the Ivanhoe district, Tekova, at which a Mr. J. Crawshaw was the manager, with two English foremen; and that, after the two foreman had held the crowd at bay for some hours, Mr. J. Crawshaw was beaten to death and his body mutilated beyond recognition; is he aware that Mr. J. Crawshaw leaves a widow and two young children; that no news has been heard of one of the two foremen, who is reported to have made his escape after being severely beaten; that the manager's house was completely sacked; and that two governesses, one being an Englishwoman, received more or less severe injuries; will he inquire into the accuracy of this report; and what action Her Majesty's Government propose to take in the matter? I should like to say that I ask this question on behalf of the elder brother of Mr. Crawshaw, who is one of my constituents.


The attention of Her Majesty's Government has been called to the statement, and Her Majesty's Ambassador at St. Petersburg has already been requested to report upon the matter and will make immediate inquiry. Until that report is received it would be premature to say what action should be taken.


Will the House have notice of the Report when the hon. Gentleman receives it?


As soon as the information is received it will be sent to the relatives. If the hon. Member likes to put down a question, I shall be pleased to give him all the information we obtain.