HC Deb 13 May 1895 vol 33 cc1042-3
MR. A. C. MORTON (Peterborough)

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether he has received any further information as to the proposed destruction of the Falls of Foyers by a public company; and whether he has made any further inquiries with regard to the matter?


I have made further and careful inquiry. I am informed that every precaution which is possible will be taken to minimise the interference with the natural beauties of the place, though I fear from what I am told that those beauties will be less natural than before. But the Government has no power whatever of intervening. The position of the matter was discussed at the annual meeting of the County Council of Inverness-shire, held last week, and it appears, from the proceedings recorded in the Press, that the matter will again be referred to them at their next meeting in October.


Do I understand my right right hon. Friend to say that the matter is not yet settled?


It is practically settled. The only body able to interfere is the Road Board, and, I believe, they have decided not to interfere.

*DR. MACGREGOR (Inverness-shire)

asked whether he was aware that although the ornamental waters of Foyers might hereafter be conveyed in a more utilitarian channel, enough would be left in that neighbourhood of the grand and the beautiful to satisfy the sentimental yearnings of the hon. Member for Peterborough?

[No answer was given.]