HC Deb 09 May 1895 vol 33 cc795-6
*MR. W. R, CREMER (Shoreditch, Haggerston)

I beg to ask the hon. Member for the Eye Division of Suffolk, as a Charity Commissioner, whether any result has followed from the last inquiry which was promised, concerning the application and administration of the Endowments of St. Katherine's Hospital in the Regent's Park, or whether what the late Charity Commissioner in this House described as a scandal still exists; whether £6,402 is annually expended upon salaries and management, £561 upon education, and £190 upon gifts; whether the Master still receives a salary of £1,200, and what are the duties connected with his office; how many inquiries have at different times been instituted into this Endowment, and what changes have resulted from such inquiries; and whether he will cause to be laid upon the Table of the House a copy of the Reforms which Mr. Skirrow, on behalf of the Charity Commissioners, proposed several years ago, and also a statement of the income and expenditure of the Hospital during the year ending 31st December last?


The Charity Commissioners have no information as to the result of the last inquiry promised as to the administration of this hospital, and they have no reason to suppose that the hospital is conducted otherwise than has hitherto been the case. As regards the particular items of account mentioned in the question, it is impossible, for the reason given by the late Prime Minister, in his answer in this matter on November 3rd, 1893, to answer this part of the question. The accounts of the Charity are open to the inspection of the hon. Member at the office of the Commissioners. Three inquiries have been instituted into this Endowment, namely, by Lord Brougham's Commission in 1837; by Mr. Skirrow, an Inspector of the Commissioners, in 1865; and by a Royal Commission in 1869. The only change in the administration of the hospital made subsequently to these inquiries, so far as the Commissioners are aware, is that effected by the rules framed by Lord Chancellor Cairns, on July 22, 1878. Mr. Skirrow's Report, in which certain reforms are recommended, was laid upon the Table of the House of Lords as a Parliamentary Paper in the year 1866. In the year 1894, the net receipts of the hospital were £6,365 0s. 10d., and the expenditure £6,324 12s. 8d., leaving a credit balance of £40 8s. 2d.


Will the Charity Commissioners lay Mr. Skirrow's Report on the Table of this House, as I understand it was presented to the other House only?


The Paper printed in 1866 was laid on the Table of the House of Lords. The question whether it can be laid on the Table of this House will be considered. The Charity Commissioners have no control, direct or indirect, over this hospital.


gave notice that he would put a Notice of Motion on the Paper on this subject.