HC Deb 07 May 1895 vol 33 cc633-4

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether he has received a Memorial from the parish councillors representing portions of Hamilton and Bothwell Parishes, which, by his decision, have been annexed to Dalziel Parish; whether the election of the chairman of the Parish Council of Dalziel Parish is to take place, and whether committees are to be appointed, without any regard whatever to the votes and wishes of the five parish councillors who represent districts which are now officially declared to belong to Dalziel Parish; and, what the position is of the landward portion of Dalziel Parish which has in the meantime no quorum of councillors?

MR. DONALD CRAWFORD (Lanarkshire, N. E.)

I beg to ask at what date the first application for an alteration of the parish boundaries was received, and what has been the reason for the delay which has prevented members from taking their seats at the first statutory meeting of the Dalziel Parish Council, and so from taking part in the election of a chairmant?


I will inquire as to the delay; but I know that there has been an enormous mass of business of this nature before the Local Government Board and the Scotch Office. This business has been of the most delicate character, and has had to be discussed carefully. I do not think that any practical difficulty will arise from the circumstances to which attention has been called by the hon. Member. I have received the Memorial. The Parish Council of Dalziel as the parish now stands will, no doubt, bear in view the change that will he caused by the operation of the Order embodying my decision; but as the Order cannot be operative before the statutory meeting, can give no undertaking on their behalf. I am in communication with the provisional parish councils with a view to the insertion of any necessary provisions in the Order. As regards the landward portion of the Parish of Dalziel, I understand it has four councillors, the quorum of a landward committee being three.


I beg to ask whether these five parish councillors are to vote in the parish councils with which they are now no longer connected?


I think it possible that it may be so; but my impression is that if these parish councillors will show the same good sense as has been shown universally in Scotland, no difficulty will arise. If any difficulty does arise we can dispose of it in due course.