HC Deb 03 May 1895 vol 33 cc395-6

MR. J. W. BENN (Tower Hamlets, St. George's) moved that the second reading of the Chelsea Water (Transfer) Bill be adjourned till Monday, in the hope that in the meantime an arrangement might be made for a further adjournment on the lines suggested the other day by the hon. Member for Shoreditch.

MR. E. BOULNOIS (Marylebone, E.)

hoped that on Monday the London County Council would have made up their minds as to whether they should proceed with this and the other Water Bills which were on the paper or not. These repeated adjournments of the second reading of these Bills were exceedingly inconvenient, and left the companies in a state of harassment. This Bill was put down for second reading nearly three months ago. It was quite time the County Council told the House distinctly and plainly whether they meant to proceed with the Bills during this Session or not.


said the County Council had nothing to add to the declarations made in the House by the hon. Member for Shoreditch.

MR. G. C. T. BARTLEY (Islington, N.)

said it was most inconvenient hon. Members should be brought down day after day for these Bills, which were put down by order, and then find there was no intention to proceed with them. Surely, if it was intended to proceed with the Bills they should be put down for a definite date.


remarked that if the hon. Member for Marylebone would consent to an adjournment for a month [Mr. BARTLEY: "Six months"] all the inconvenience mentioned by the hon. Member for Islington would be avoided.


said he would be quite willing to consent to an adjournment for six months.

Second Reading deferred till Monday. The second reading of the East London Water (Transfer) Bill and four other metropolitan water companies' Bills was also postponed till the same day.