HC Deb 02 May 1895 vol 33 c294

I will state the figures of the expenditure of the past year. The expenditure provided for in the Budget was £93,884,000. To this was added supplementary estimates to the amount of £704,000, of which £250,000 was for Navy, £200,000 supplementary, £50,000 excess, and £454,000 for Civil and Revenue services, making the total expenditure for which estimates were presented £94,588,000 in the last year. The Exchequer issues were £93,918,000—i.e., £34,000 more than the Budget Estimate, and £670,000 less than the total estimates presented. The final issues, therefore, only differed from the original Budget Estimate by a sum of £34,000. The Supplementary Estimates, amounting to £704,000, included as the principal items:—Navy £200,000, Uganda £136,000, Education £136,000, Cyprus £30,000, Irish relief £35,000, and various smaller items. The savings amounted to £670,000, leaving a difference of only £34,000 as between Exchequer issues and the Budget Estimates, and that I will venture to call a marvellous approximation in a total expenditure of nearly £94,000,000, doing great credit to the Departments responsible for it. The Navy Supplementary Vote of £200,000, in 1894–5, was, in fact, an anticipation in aid of the expenditure of the year 1895–96. But for this Supplementary Vote, the surplus would have been close upon a million.