HC Deb 02 May 1895 vol 33 c274
MR. R. V. BARROW (Southwark, Bermondsey)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether the Royal Navy is partly supplied with boots made by members of the Royal Marines at Chatham; whether such members draw their regimental pay and at the same time receive wages for shoemaking; whether there are any Army Reserve men so employed whilst at the same time receiving their pensions: whether such work is conducted under the conditions required by the Factory Act; and whether the prices of the boots so supplied are governed by the prices contracted for by the recognised Army boot contractors?


The only boots made by Marines are for the use of the Royal Marine Corps. Shoemakers, as well as other workmen, receive extra pay whilst working at their trades. No Army Reserve men are employed, but a few Marine pensioners, and these retain their pensions precisely as they would if employed in civil life. The work is conducted under regulations framed by the commanding officer. The boots are of a special pattern to suit the nature of the Marine Service afloat and ashore; and to compare them with boots supplied under Army contracts would be misleading.