HC Deb 28 March 1895 vol 32 cc322-3
MR. J. W. CROMBIE (Kincardineshire)

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether he is aware that the fishermen at all the principal ports along the coast of Kincardineshire, at a series of meetings held two years ago, unanimously declared by resolution that the enlarging and extending of Stonehaven Harbour would be of the greatest benefit to them in the pursuit of their industry; and that the Harbour Commissioners of Stonehaven, after raising a considerable sum by local effort, applied to the Fishery Board for a sum of £3,000 as a collateral security by means of which, and of a guarantee on the rates of the burgh, they would have been enabled to borrow from the Loan Commissioners the amount required to extend and enlarge the harbour; and that the Fishery Board, though they have frequently recognised the claim of Stonehaven, now refuse this sum, on the ground that they would not be justified in granting money for such a purpose; and whether there is anything in the Acts which put the present funds at the disposal of the Fishery Board, which would preclude their applying a portion of it to Stonehaven for this purpose?


I am informed by the Fishery Board that, as stated, the fishermen at all the principle ports along the coast of Kincardineshire have unanimously approved of the enlarging of Stonehaven Harbour, and that the Harbour Trustees, after raising a considerable sum by local effort, applied to the Fishery Board to become collateral security for a loan of £3,000, which would have enabled the Trustees to borrow an amount sufficient, to cover the cost of the proposed improvements, which the Board were reluctantly compelled to decline. There is nothing in the Acts, or otherwise, to preclude the Fishery Board from giving assistance to Stonehaven Harbour, except the large number of applications from small and struggling localities, as well as from various important, fishery centres, and the limited fund at the disposal of the Board for such undertakings.